Sugam Kitchenware is global manufacturers of high quality & innovative microwaveable plastic ware from India, established in the year 1998,
with the worldwide presence of Brand name “SUGAM”

Sugam Kitchenware profound research and development for new and innovative products that caters to modern kitchen and smart users. We have 3 manufacturing units in Rajkot, Gujarat (IVIain flagship center of Make In India programmer), with advanced automated production lines and we have production capacity of 2500 ton p.a.

Sugam Kitchenware capable fulfill bulk orders within a short span of time & we also welcome OEIVI products.

Our product range consists of storage containers and dinnerware.

All products are Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, BPA free and Food Grade and meets all international quality & safety standards.

Our storage container range, starts from 200 ml and goes up to I I200 ml & we have  shapes in this like round, rectangle and square.

In dinnerware, we have different compositions, starting from 24 pcs to 80 pcs which meet with all  necessary elements.

With Regular Dedicated and Rigors research & consumer feedback, we always come up with a new and useful product. With high brand equity and trust, we have witnessed vertical growth & established highly satisfied customer network all over India and other parts of the world.

With the help of wide product portfolio we always come up with invite wave to help our user stratify there every day

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